The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook (Paperback)

The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook

From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. Operating under the premise that “fresh is best,” registered dietician Newgent offers a wealth of terrific, healthy ideas for diners of all stripes. With an emphasis on the classics, Newgent offers ingenious tips to cut fat and cholesterol, like using silken tofu to emulsify the Hollandaise sauce for her Eggs Benedict, or using cottage cheese in lieu of butter to keep lean burgers moist. She dispels the myth that healthy eating has to be bland, evidenced in her Tequila-Lime Chicken with Fettucine in Creamy Jalapeno Sauce, Moroccan Turkey Burger and Beer-Brewed Sloppy Joes. Common dishes like Chef Salad get a zesty burst of flavor from a tarragon-laced balsamic dressing, and a fingerling potato salad is dressed in a lowfat sour cream sauce loaded with dill, chives and Creole mustard. Newgent makes it easy to stick to one’s diet, including tips on doubling many of the recipes as well as make-ahead tips, online resources and trivia. E (more…)

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