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The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic (Paperback) Review This new edition of The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic is a treasure for people with diabetes, and their families. In the last few years, diabetes management and dietary recommendations have changed, and this book reflects those changes. First published in 1978, this third edition has been completely updated, and nearly 300 […]

Diabetic Renal-Retinal Syndrome: Pathogenesis and Management Update 2002 (Hardcover)

Review `Altogether, the volume presents a clear overview of some aspects of teh last 20 years’ improvements within prevention and treatment of diabetic complications in the kidney and in the eye. The chapters dealing with diabetic retinopathy are well written, reflecting the authors’ personal iunterests.’ Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica (1999) –This text refers to an alternate […]

Our Diabetic Sons: Living And Surviving The Severe Complications Of Diabetes (Paperback)

About the Author The manuscript I have written, entitled: “My Diabetic Sons” is written from a mother’s perspective, and is based on our family and its trials and tribulation’s living with diabetes. What inspired me to challenge this great endeavor was to benefit knowledge on Diabetes and its complications, as well as Organ donation. Along […]

The Quander Quality: The True Story of a Black Trailblazing Diabetic (The Life of James W. Quander) (Hardcover)

Diabetes can be a devastating disease, causing multiple degenerative conditions over the course of a personÂ’s life. Juvenile diabetes can be especially difficult because it strikes children. To live for 80 years with diabetes is a triumph that could only result from dedicated self-discipline, determination, and tenacity. These very qualities allowed James W. Quander, the […]

Solex Women’s Diabetic Orthotic With X-static Silver, Women’s Size 6-10, 0.38 Clamshell

Solex Diabetic Orthotics with X- Static provides ultimate comfort and protection for feet and can be used as a key component of a complete diabetic foot care program. They combine silver fiber technology with the performance and fit of custom molding, deep heel cushioning, arch stability and blister prevention. X-Static is an all-natural, pure silver […]

Diabetic Foot Care (CFTF10) (Paperback)

No description for this product could be found, but have a look over at Amazon for reviews and other information.

Silipos Arthritic / Diabetic Gel Sock White #1701 – Small (Sock Size 7-9)

Features a unique proprietary gel insole that provides added support, cushioning protection and comfortFluid-like nature of the gel helps reduce friction, shear and callus formationsCan be worn with or without diabetic shoes, and are washable and reusableWhite (more…)

Woodward’s Diabetic Basics Healthy Foot & Body Lotion, 12-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)

Kills 99.99% of disease causing germs. Helps heal dry, cracked skin. Kills the germs that cause Diabetic foot infections. (more…)

Clinical Care of the Diabetic Foot (Paperback)

Finally, there is a far more practical book on foot care for people with diabetes written especially for the non-specialist primary care provider. Contents include foot exams, risk classification, infection, foot ulcers, debridement, evaluation, and more. All chapters are written by diabetic foot care specialists. About the Author Dr. David Armstrong is an international expert […]

Style 190, E-Z Walker Plus Crew Length Support Diabetic Socks for Sensitive Feet, 8-15 – Available in Various Sizes and Colors

Constructed almost identically to the National brand product, 8-15 diabetic sock, designed for moderate compression and sensitive feet, our new Ames Walker Easy Walker Plus provides a comfortable sock with mild compression. This sock is ideal for the diabetic or those with sensitive feet or someone who is looking for a walking sock with moderate […]