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Glucerna 1.5 Cal Snack Shake Can,Vanilla Flavor, Model: 53534 – 8 Oz/Can, 24/Case

INDICATIONS: Glucerna 1.5 Cal Can is Complete, Balanced Nutrition For People With Diabetes.Specifically designed to help manage blood glucose levels.To help provide optimal nutrition during this time of healing and increased needs.It is a calorically-dense formula. (more…)

Glucerna Snack Bar Flavor : Caramel Nut Calories : 150/bar ROS57609(Box)

GLUCERNA SNACK BARS are a delicious between-meal snack specifically designed for use by patients with diabetes in conjunction with the prescribed diet. (more…)

Box of 4 Glucerna Meal Bar Flavor Chocolate Peanut Calories 220/bar ROSS PRODUCTS DIVISION 57616

ROS57616 (Box)—ROSS PRODUCTS DIVISION Packs Per Box 4— (more…)