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Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking: A Full Year of Simple, Menus and Easy Recipes (Paperback)

From Publishers Weekly Dietician Rondinelli and chef Bucko make cooking five healthy dinners a week—for an entire year—look like a no-brainer in this simple cookbook. They divide their book by month, and within each month, they give four weeks’ worth of main courses (presumably for dinner, though they could certainly make nice lunches). A grocery […]

The Full Plate Diet: Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy! (Hardcover-spiral)

Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy–The Full Plate Diet (TM) is based on eating foods our Moms said we should eat– fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans & peas, and nuts & seeds. You can eat meat–just follow Mom’s advice. No yo-yo–you can stay on this diet because you won’t feel deprived–won’t have to eat tiny […]