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OneTouch Ultra Fastdraw Design Test Strips

For blood glucose testing with OneTouch Ultra and OneTouch UltraSmart Brand Meters and InDuo Systems. (more…)

OneTouch UltraMini Diabetes Blood Glucose Monitoring System – Purple Twilight

Take the Dull Out of Testing OneTouch UltraMini is available in Pink Glow, Silver Moon, Limelight, Blue Comet, Purple Twilight, and Jet Black. With the OneTouch® UltraMini™ Meter, blood glucose testing will never be dull again. Free Diabetes Education with Every Meter Your OneTouch® UltraMini™ Meter comes complete with Simple Start™ Diabetes+Food — an educational […]

OneTouch UltraSmart Blood Glucose Monitoring System

From the Manufacturer (Test strips sold separately) Only $39.99 After Manufacturer’s $20 Rebate and $30 Trade-In Meter and Electronic Logbook in One. SmartButtons™ – Make your entries fast and easy. Patterns are easy to see and understand. Less pain, less blood, accurate results in 5 seconds.Includes: OneTouch® UltraSmart™ Blood Glucose Meter. OneTouch® Ultra Control Solution. […]

OneTouch Logbook

The OneTouch Log Book makes it easy to record your blood glucose test results. Recording your test results can help you and your health care professional to fine tune your diabetes management program. OneTouch Log Book Record your glucose level Keep track of daily events like meals and excersise See how daily events can affect […]