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Healing Honey: A Natural Remedy for Better Health and Wellness (Kindle Edition)

Too much sugar can be bad for our health. Not only can it make us overweight and sluggish, but it can also contribute to many diseases including diabetes, atherosclerosis, and vascular disease. But what can we do? Sugar is everywhere – and the simple truth is that food manufacturers are concerned more about profit than […]

New Title 1Ampalaya: Nature’s Remedy for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes (Kindle Edition)

As you will leern in “Ampalaya: Nature’s Remedy for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes,” type 2 diabetes can often be pevented or controlled with lifestyle changes and by taking supplements of, or eating, ampalaya–an amazining vegetable that is being used around the world to lower blood sugar levels,. Research studies on type 1 and […]

Ampalaya: Nature’s Remedy for Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes (Paperback)

Diabetes mellitus–the fifth leading cause of death in the United States–increased alarmingly in 1999, prompting the government to call the disease an unfolding epidemic. By 2025,it is estimated there will be 22 million Americans with diabetes. As this book details, diabetes can often be prevented or controlled with positive lifestyle changes, including the use of […]