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Box of 4 Glucerna Meal Bar Flavor Chocolate Peanut Calories 220/bar ROSS PRODUCTS DIVISION 57616

ROS57616 (Box)—ROSS PRODUCTS DIVISION Packs Per Box 4— (more…)

Glucerna Meal Bar Part no. 57603 ROSS PRODUCTS DIVISION

GLUCERNA MEAL BARS are designed as a meal replacement specifically for patients with diabetes. Designed to help patients with diabetes or abnormal glucose tolerance manage their blood glucose. Unique blend of slowly digested carbohydrates clinically shown (more…)

Ross Glucerna Balanced Nutrition Meal Bar for People with Diabetes- 24/2.04 ounce Bars

Missing a meal isn’t an option for people with diabetes. When you can’t eat at your normal time or place, these satisfying Bars are a convenient, occasional replacement for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Great taste and smart nutrition on the go. The Smart Nutrition in Glucerna Meal Bars. Includes 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Provides […]

Ross Glucerna Balanced Nutrition Snack Bar for People with Diabetes – 24/1.41 ounce Bars

Well-timed snacks are important for people with diabetes. Have a great-tasting Chewy or Crispy Snack Bar to help manage your blood sugar level and to provide good nutrition and energy. The Smart Nutrition in Glucerna Snack Bars Provide antioxidant vitamins C, E, and A (100% from beta-carotene) and Contain less than one gram of lactose. […]

Ross Glucerna Complete, Balanced Nutrition Shake for People with Diabetes- 24/8 ounce Cans

Brand or Series: Glucerna Shake. Application: Oral Supplement. User: Adult. Container Type: Can. Flavor: Vanilla. Calorie Count: 27.5 Calories. Serving Size: 8 oz. Package Size: 8 oz. Preparation Type: Ready-To-Use. Feature: Provides at least 25 percent of the DV for 24 essential vitamins and minerals in one 8-fl-oz serving. Feature: Provides 100 percent of the […]