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Nutrition – BEWARE of vitamin and herbal soft drinks. Discover the hidden truth! Don’t be mislead anymore! (Dr. Altabet Health) (Kindle Edition)

Is it fancy marketing that makes you think you are doing good for your body with these so called herbal and vitamin drinks? This Ebook describes what really lurks beneath the hype of guzzling these popular elixirs. Read this and you’ll never drink them again if you want to stay healthy. (more…)

Soft Sided Travel Case from GMS with Air Flow Pocket for Your Cooling Wallets Holds your poucho’s and frios individuals and duo pens zipped shut

This New Soft Sided Carry Case By Group Medical Supply Has 2 Large Zippered Pockets On It To Hold Your Supplies. One Side Is Webbed For Air Flow For Your Water Cooling Wallets. The Other Side Pocket Is There For You Can Carry Your Other Supplies You Need, Meter Strips, Lancets, Lancing Device, Alcohol Pads, […]