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The Official Patient’s Sourcebook on Gestational Diabetes (Paperback)

This book has been created for patients who have decided to make education and research an integral part of the treatment process. Although it also gives information useful to doctors, caregivers and other health professionals, it tells patients where and how to look for information covering virtually all topics related to gestational diabetes (also Glucose […]

Type 2 Diabetes Sourcebook, The (Paperback)

This thoroughly updated edition provides all the information readers need to know about living with Type 2 diabetes, including self-management, the most recent findings on nutrition and exercise, the emotional and financial issues that accompany the disease, and the newest testing methods, treatments, and medications. Also includes an up-to-date listing of helpful organizations and other […]

The Type 2 Diabetes Sourcebook (Sourcebooks) (Paperback)

Review “This hefty volume is an A-to-Z guide filled with diet and exercise advice, news of new testing and clinical practices, as well as new medications, and tons more information.” — Alan Caruba, Bookviews, July 2007″Excellent… this book should be read by all type 2 diabetics in the country and more importantly, read by the […]