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Style 190, E-Z Walker Plus Crew Length Support Diabetic Socks for Sensitive Feet, 8-15 – Available in Various Sizes and Colors

Constructed almost identically to the National brand product, 8-15 diabetic sock, designed for moderate compression and sensitive feet, our new Ames Walker Easy Walker Plus provides a comfortable sock with mild compression. This sock is ideal for the diabetic or those with sensitive feet or someone who is looking for a walking sock with moderate […]

Spenco RX Men’s Diabetic Support Foot Beds

Spenco RX Men’s Diabetic Support Foot Beds… recommended by doctors to relieve pressure on sensitive feet Leave it to Spenco, a leader in insole technology, to come up with a footbed especially designed for those with diabetes. The full-length, triple-density construction starts with a lightweight EVA foam base that is body heat activated to mold […]

Alfa Vitamins Anamu & Llanten 100 capsules Immune Support Heal Wounds

Anamu Llanten formula combines two natural ingredients very beneficial to our health, as their therapeutic properties have a broad spectrum. Anamu has many biologically active ingredients, among these are flavonoids, triterpens, steroids and sulphur elements. At the University of Illinois, Anamu was one of 34 plants identified with anticancer properties. Anamu is used as a […]