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Gestational Diabetes: What to Expect (Paperback)

The ultimate reference guide for pregnant women with gestational diabetes, this book provides detailed information you need to allay your fears, maintain a healthy pregnancy, and deliver a healthy baby. Revised and expanded to include new insulins and oral medications, dietary precautions, sample blood sugar monitoring log, and meal plans with three calorie levels. About […]

What You Should Know About Diabetes Prevention & Management (Paperback)

This book gives you great information on ways to prevent, reverse and control diabetes; weight management tips, God’s original diet for man, the diabetic exchange list and many healthy diabetic recipes, with calorie and exchange list information for each recipe. (more…)

Diabetes Rising: How a Rare Disease Became a Modern Pandemic, and What to Do About It (Hardcover)

Review “Diabetes Rising takes on the fastest-growing disease in history with a take-no-prisoner’s attitude.  You got to love the author’s pugnacity. Dan Hurley takes the same approach to diabetes that Ronald Reagan took on the Cold War.  Not willing to live with the enemy, he wants to kill it in its crib.”  —Chris Matthews, Host […]

Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Diabetes: Nutrition You Can Live With (Kindle Edition)

ReadHowYouWant publishes a wide variety of best selling books in Large Print and Super Large Print formats in partnership with leading publishers. EasyRead books are available in 11pt and 13pt. type. EasyRead Large books are available in 16pt, 16pt Bold, and 18pt Bold type. EasyRead Super Large books are available in 20pt. Bold and 24pt. […]

Diet, Nutrition and Diabetes – What to eat, how and why? DVD DN7.101DIAE

Summary: Diet plays a pivotal role in managing prediabetes and diabetes. Dietary modifications can help smooth the poor blood sugar control. This DVD goes beyond the routine cooking classes and teaches basics about the food consumption in diabetes. Starting from Glycemic index, Glycemic load, Carb Count it goes to calorie values and calorie intake management […]

What to Eat When You Get Diabetes: Easy and Appetizing Ways to Make Healthful Changes in Your Diet (Paperback)

From Library Journal Through concrete examples of people who changed their eating habits to healthier choices but who could still enjoy their favorite food, Leontos, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, provides inspiration and practical tools to those diabetics who despair of ever eating real food again. Her lively writing style provides interest as […]

Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Diabetes: Nutrition You Can Live With (Paperback)

Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life, eat well, and live healthy!Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Diabetes begins with a detailed, but non-technical overview of diabetes, specifically Type II diabetes. Elaine clearly presents the latest medical findings on what causes diabetes, available treatments, and the dietary implications of […]